The Mill offers a variety of wonderful and flavorful appetizers to choose from for your next event.


Bruschetta Murrieta

Chunks of fresh red-ripe tomato seared in virgin olive oil with fresh and roasted garlic, fresh basil, pine nuts, Reginitto Parmasean over toasted sourdough wedges. (Serves 10-15 People)

The Mill Flat Bread

A European Style Flat Bread drizzled with virgin olive oil, garlic and Reginitto Parmasean, cracked black pepper hearth baked with a thin crispy cracker center. (Serves 10-15 People)

Fresh Water Mozzarella Caprese

Water mozzarella w/ fresh basil, red ripe tomato drizzled w/ virgin olive oil with a drizzle of basil pesto. (Serves 10-15 People)

Sundried Tomato Caesar Garlic Cheese Bread

Comes with Sun-dried tomato spread. (Serves 10-15 People)

Roasted Peppers with Herbed Feta

Roasted Red & Yellow peppers marinated in olive oil & Garlic baked with Herbed Feta over Herb Bread.(Serves 10-15 People)

Cheese/Cracker & Fruit Platter

(Serves 20 – 25 People)

75 BBQ Meatballs


Assortment of Sourdough and Rolls
(Serves 10-15 People)