All pastas serve 25+ people

The Mill Capers and Chicken

Elegant capers and chicken with chunks of fresh & sun-dried tomato, herbs & lemon in white sauce.

Spicy Sausage and Mill Red

A fresh lightly herbed tomato sauce w/red wine, olive oil & garlic with chucks of our spicy sausage throughout. With provolone cheese scattered over.

Leadership Chicken Pasta

Cream Based Pasta Sauce w/garlic and Herbs (rosemary, sage, and thyme) w/a splash of basil pesto and a splash of Sun-dried Tomato Pesto with slivers of white chicken breast topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Chicken Apple Sausage Pasta

Mill-white sauce, low fat sausage made with white meat chicken & apples, together with herbed feta cheese, sun-dried tomato and fresh tomato.

Thai Pasta

Bright white chicken breast in a gently spices creamy Thai sauce with carrots, sesame seeds, scallions, purple onions, peanuts, cilantro, and clear bean sprouts.

Simply Tomato

A fresh lightly herbed tomato sauce w/red wine, olive oil & garlic served with provolone scattered over.

The Mill Savory Spinach and Mushroom

Fresh spinach leaves sauteed with fresh mushrooms in a savory creamy sauce with crumbled feta cheese.

Halo o' Penyo Chicken Pasta

Roasted Jalapeno, habanero & Chili pepper salsa slathered into a cream sauce with bright white chicken breast, scallions, purple onion, and fresh tomato.